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As mentioned on our Home page, VIANA™ Stevia has many health benefits, premium quality and best taste of pure natural Stevia REB-A.
Therefore, We have the best recommended sugar substitute for diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight diet, and keto diet.
With our one-of-a-kind clever packaging, you can also enjoy our practical on-the-go and environmentally friendly pack for your busy lifestyle.

Another useful information to know:
Compared to other Stevia products with fillers, at $8.99 per pack, our VIANA™ Stevia will only cost $0.04 per serving / one cup of coffee.
What a great value for a premium pure natural Stevia REB-A!

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What do you get?

  • VIANA™ Stevia. A natural sugar substitute 100% pure stevia extract, with NO-FILLERS, ZERO CALORIES, ZERO GLYCEMIC INDEXES, NON-GMO product.
  • 200+ serving, cost only $0.04 per serving of 120mL cup of coffee. A great value premium pure Stevia REB-A!
  • On-the-Go pack. Practical, US Patented eco-friendly and convenient packaging. Perfect size. Small enough for your purse or pocket, but will last for months in usage.
  • A healthy sweet life, anytime, anywhere.

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