Is all stevia the same?

Absolutely NOT!  The difference is not only the taste, but the quality also make it better for health. In the market there are two main groups of Stevia marketed: 100% Pure, and Stevia as part of ingredient with fillers.

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In the new era, after a development to high grade Pure Stevia, many scientific papers starts to publish its health benefits. Higher quality and clearer result have been emphasized compared to earlier study with dry leaves or crude Stevia extract.

Here is the classification of lower to best quality of Stevia: Stevia fresh leaves, Dry Stevia leaves, Crude Stevia Extract, Pure Steviol Glycoside – SG (classified with percentage pure), and the highest quality, Rebaudioside – RB (also classified with percentage pure). Their taste aspect is also related to its quality side.

This pure Stevia is preferable to people who are health conscious with their food and sugar diet. And also to accompany their coffee and beverages where sweet is relative to their preferred taste!


Taste was one of the main reasons why manufacturer kept refining stevia production, as historically the first stevia extract had a strong aftertaste.

Later on, new Stevia was established with excellent sweetness without aftertaste, but this came with a costly production price.  Naturally this is translates to a higher price tag.

The so-called “Stevia” now depends if the composition of the product contains stevia, but not directly related to the Stevia quality anymore.
This type of blend is preferable for traditional cooking purpose, and typically sold in one-to-one sugar equivalent “spoonable” packages and single serve packets. 


Stevia plant contains a high percentage of Stevioside/ Steviol Glycoside (SG), but less Rebaudioside (REB) A, C, D, F and M. The filtration and purification process of stevia extract affects the quality, characteristics, concentration and taste. A Stevia product can have SG 90-95% pure on the label, but this doesn’t guarantee a good quality, no bitterness and no after taste.

The best part of Stevia leaves is Rebaudioside A (REB-A). REB-A is a deep extract from SG, resulting in no lingering after taste, while SG still has one. Natural REB-A is major constituent (20% w/w) of natural SG and possesses a strong insulinotropic (anti-diabetic) activity with an extra glucose molecule. (I.Barwal, Journal of Bionanoscience vol.8, 1-4).
No aftertaste and sweet flavor comparable to sugar makes REB-A the top of line of Stevia extract, consequently making it more expensive. The more purified and concentrated the Stevia, the less bitter but sweeter it is. Its concentration makes it 300 to 500 times sweeter than sugar.


Because Stevia’s metabolism doesn’t require insulin, while sugar does. Production of  insulin, created by pancreas, will affect your blood sugar level.  Stevia does not.

Let us understand how is the metabolism of Stevia in human body in human digesting system. REB-A is first metabolized by micro-flora bacteria in the colon, which than releases a glucose molecule as it is converted to steviol. The released glucose molecule is used by the bacteria in the colon and not absorbed. The good news that only “good” bacteria consume it as food, which increase the colon health and strengthened human auto immune.

Steviol is absorbed and glucuronidated (a bond intended to help them clear out of the blood) in the liver. The newly bonded glucuronide is released in the blood and filtered by the kidneys into the urine. Small amount of glucuronidate that remain in the colon are excreted through fecal matter.

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VIANA™ Stevia is a premium natural high-intensity sweetener, pure 100% Rebaudioside – A (REB-A) 97% purity, without additional fillers as found in most called “Stevia” packed in pouchs or sachets. Zero calories and zero Glycemic Index, 300plus X sweeter than sugar and stable at high temperatures, making it suitable for cooking, freezing, baking, etc. It is easily diluted into hot beverages, but slower at cold temperature. The product is cGMP Compliant, HACCP, ISO-22000 & 9001, Kosher (Star-K) and Halal (Malaysia).

VIANA’s Stevia Rebaudioside A is manufactured by PureCircle, who has focused exclusively on Stevia since 2001. The manufacturer pioneered a vertical integrated supply chain in the industry, is the world’s leading producer and innovator of great-tasting Stevia sweeteners for the global food and beverage industry. It has offices around the world, with the global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois – USA.

PureCircle company won many Environmental Sustainability awards. Includes the Industry’s first 2020 sustainability goals with a commitment to reduce 1 million metric tons of carbon, 2 trillion liters of water, 13 trillion calories.

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VIANA’s product is an outcome of hard work, plenty of surveys and tests for the benefit of our customers. VIANA™ believes that best quality of Stevia will yield the best result for your health.

What You Get

Premium product, guaranteed 100% pure stevia extract Reb-A (97%) which is the best grade commercial stevia available. Manufactured by world class PureCircle, its top product now became available for retail consumers.

Note/ Legal Disclaimer: All information here is for learning and study purpose only, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.