People with special need of sugar diet population is quite high all over the world. Some of them after carefully study found that Pure Stevia is the most suitable natural sugar substitute that meet their requirement. During their daily activities and travelling the readiness of Stevia becomes critical.

Problem 1: Stevia product in sachet

Nowadays Stevia is not use as food and beverage additive anymore, but also become popular as Tabletop Sweetener product. But, due to the intense sweetness of Stevia (more than 300 times sweeter than sugar), it is a common practice to include a filler to moderate the intensity and improve the flavor profile. It is very unpractical and inconvenience if there is only 0.03 gram (30mg) Stevia inside the sachet compare to 1 gram (1,000mg) Mixed product for one serve. The fillers, or bulking agents, consist generally of non-sweet food additives that offer limited nutritional value such as lactose, erythritol, inulin, or maltodextrin. The resulting granulated mixed blend with fillers products may be comparable to up to ten times sweeter than sugar, claimed as “take anywhere” sachet.
The problem now that sweet preference of every consumer is not the same, some feel one sachet is too sweet and the other one need more, resulting a lot of rest product consumer pay should be threw away.

Problem 2: Stevia product in bottle or pouch

Stevia product in bottle sells in form of granular (pure or with filler) and liquid, while pouch only serve granular only. It better than sachet in terms of possibility to facilitate the pure Stevia. But you are not easily to take anywhere. The calibration spoon also will make it messy. The liquid can accidentally damage your expensive bag.

Problem Solved: Pure Stevia product in “Slide and Tap” pack 👍

One of better solution is using “Slide and Tap” pack with US Patent and introduced by VIANA™ Pure Stevia. It is really on-the-go pack with high portability. Very flexible discharge to satisfy your sweet preference plus 100% Pure Stevia REB-A premium Stevia extract, the highest commercial quality available. Try the VIANA™ Stevia pack experience, we confidence you are going to like it, thank you.

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